What is 7/10ths Driving

During high-performance driver education experiences, there’s one priority that is higher than any of them. We don’t want folks to get hurt. In fact, with Hooked on Driving, we’ve been running large events well over a couple of thousand drivers over five years with only two minor incidents and no injuries. That’s the way we want to keep it and we want to encourage you to do a thing called seven-tenths driving during an HPD event. Seven-tenths driving allows for a margin for error. If you drive out and maybe miss an apex or turn in wrong or go in a little bit too fast, then you have an opportunity to just correct the behavior, correct the mistake and nothing happens.

This 10 tenths car with a sports radial tire is designed to provide multiple purposes because of the g load sideways on the tire. The 10 tenths car comes with race tires, race tires have a sticky gummy tread with no pleats and it’s basically a slick. This tire can actually last longer on a track. Then the street tire, if you get up to 10 tents, that’s a major consideration. Also, these cars have very different suspensions and brake systems. This car we drive up to redline occasionally, but generally speaking, you’re not gaining a whole lot because we’re not worried about lap times. We’re not worried about beating the guy ahead of us, so let’s take it a little easy on the engine so that it remains under warranty and that we don’t hurt it in a car race.

Every shift is a red line. Every breaking point is the latest possible and we take the car to the limits. The driving style is also really important. That’s really what we’re talking about. This car is slid and pushed and driven into the very last foot. It also has a lot more safety gear including a full roll cage made of mild steel and welded to the subframe of this car in eight different locations. This car has the standard safety gear, seatbelts shoulder harnesses, airbags. With regard to the safety gear, we recommend the open face helmet.

A steering wheel with an active airbag is best driven with an open face. Helmets are probably the most important item that we have out with us at an HPD program in the race car. Obviously, a little more dramatic activity could take place and this type of helmet would certainly be much more recommended. Full face fireproof lining Pfizer over the front offers much more protection. Also, a full fire suit is called for in a racing situation. So this is what we were when we run out here at 10 tenths. Contrasting very clearly to what happens at attracting day. We’d like you to have fun and learn how to drive this car and enjoy the day going away exhilarated and with a lifetime experience as well as new lifetime friends.

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