Oil Changes-What You Need To Know Part 2

They don’t really make that much money on it either. But if you are a car owner, there is something you can and should do and that is keep an eye on the oil level. Now most cars still have dipsticks, uh, which you can usually find the, they tend to be have yellow handles. Now though, that wasn’t always the case. And, uh, in the case of our, uh, Cherokee here, it is marked with the little icon of an old oil can, which to me looks more like a, an oil lamp like you might rub and get a genie out of. But there you have it. Uh, typically simple enough to pull out. The way we recommend doing it is wipe it off well in case it is splashed up in use and then read, dip it. And when you pull it back out, you will see the level of the oil, uh, in an operating range hopefully.

And if it is a low, what you do is you just get the right type of oil and you can top it off it using the oil filler, which typically is easy to reach. Here it is right here. Now that raises the question, what type of oil should you use? Once again, we say go to the manufacturer for their recommendation. In this case, it’s right on the cap. If you have a mechanic that you think is particularly competent and confident who believes you should use a different type of oil during different seasons, uh, you might agree to go ahead with that. But I have to say with modern high tech oil and modern cars, there’s no reason you can’t put it in the specified oil run all year and have no problem. We recommend that you check your oil level every time. Maybe every other time you fill your fuel tank.

Uh, some cars make it easier for you. They don’t have dipsticks. I can think of one example, BMWs, some of the modern ones. Just let you check the oil level right in the instrument panel. Now, if you find that the level is going down, consistently goes down, you might have a leak, uh, or it might reflect some other problem. You’re going to need to get that checked out by the mechanic. Oil is extremely important while you’re driving. If ever you see, uh, the oil pressure level gauge go down, or if you get a bright red icon of that genie lamp, uh, that means you need to pull over and turn the engine off right away because you are literally seconds away from permanent damage that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair oils important. You gotta keep it clean, you gotta change it at the right interval and use the right tight. When you want to find out what that is, always go with what the manufacturer of your car recommends.

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