How to Fix an Ignition Key That Won’t Turn

Hello, my name is Tom Brown, a certified auto mechanical in Redding, Pennsylvania. Today we’re going to talk about how to fix an ignition lock, the ignition cylinder that will not turn. Every vehicle is little different as the configuration of your ignition lock cylinder. Sometimes there are locks on the steering wheel that locks from left to right when you put in the park, so it doesn’t go anywhere. Sometimes if you yanked that steering wheel pretty hard from one side to the other, they’ll move that way. If they don’t, the ignition key is usually the culprit right here.

You have to get yourself a repair manual from your local auto parts store and look through it on how to change the lock. Unfortunately, every vehicle is different so I’m not going to show you one way to do it, but just follow step by step. You might want to read it first because a lot of these have security features in them. If you don’t have any security features, do it yourself. If they do have security features, unfortunately, we’ll have to leave it up to a local mechanic to have it done for you. A lot of people just don’t have the proper equipment to do the reprogramming themselves.

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